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Consultants Univers Inc. is a company founded in 1995 which offers its expertise in data processing, more particularly in the field of the computer-aided design and drafting (CADD).

CAD Novation is the division responsible for the development and the distribution of software for Consultants Univers Inc. Iit was created in January, 2000 to promote softwares of large broadcasting.

Editions Univers inc. is responsible for the publication of textbooks related to AutoCAD, from which 11 volumes of the series title « L'Univers AutoCAD. It was established in October, 1991.

The company was founded to be the leader in the sector of the service related to the computer-aided design (CADD), and knew always how to keep its neutrality in front of big manufacturers of softwares.

The employees are active in the community and are recognized as experts by their peers, the various governmental circles as well as the companies of any sizes.

To our credit, we have many prestigious accomplishments like the publication of several public textbooks, the development of software solutions such as MVPort, MEP and e-BOM, and numerous customer success stories.

Among the offered services, we find:

.  Plan of technological orientations;
.  Diagnosis;
.  Standardization;
.  Optimization of the methods of work;
.  Software development;
.  Software installation;
.  Training;
.  Evaluation of the staff;
.  Support and Assistance

Consultants Univers Inc is a business partner for whom the highest standards satisfy a more and more demanding clientele in Quality.

The Quality Insurance has always been at the base of the privileged partnership with renowned companies such as: Alcan, Hydro-Québec, many governmental departments.

We intend to set up activities aiming at to favor a culture of management centred on:

•  The communication, the respect for the persons as well as the communities which surround us;
•  The development of the skills and the access to the piece of information so that each is put in contribution in any decision-making leading to the achievement of our results;
•  The team work;
•  Continuous improvement.


Consultants Univers inc. will be a part of the world elite in its domain of expertise by supplying products and quality services satisfying the requirements of his customers and it, the rates and reasonable delays. To do it, we bet on a high level of productivity which will be reached by the intervention:

•  The most recent technological knowledge;
•  Of optimized working process conceived according to the staff and supported by state-of-the-art information technologies;
•  From competent employees working in a healthy and security environment, working together, who have in heart the success of the company;
•  Of a sharing and a steady exchange of expertise with the whole company.


At Consultants Univers inc., we share common values of integrity, accountability, trust, transparency, and teamwork that will guide us in our dealings with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

•  Integrity : We believe in operating with integrity in all our business dealings. We conduct ourselves in a responsible fashion as outlined in our Worldwide Code of Employee and Business Conduct, which also applies to our contractors, consultants and suppliers.

•  Accountability : We also strive to be openly accountable and willing to align decision-making power with responsibilities at all levels of our organization. For Consultants Univers inc. employees, accountability entails honouring commitments and accepting responsibility for our actions and behaviour.

•  Teamwork : We believe in leveraging the abilities of our employees, suppliers, contractors, customers - our many stakeholders - through a cooperative team approach to problem solving and project implementation. Interaction with other group and team members is a vital part of everyone's job.

•  Trust and transparency : At the core of all ethical business dealings there must be trust. Trust that others will do as they say and trust that we will live up to our commitments. To accomplish this we must also be transparent in the way we communicate with others, providing timely and accurate information.

We will also achieve our full potential by being:

•  Value and customer-driven
•  Results-oriented
•  Respectful and rigorous
•  Proactive
•  Innovative, careful and open-minded

The Direction
Serge Camiré

Serge is the president of CAD-Novation, a division of Consultants Univers Inc. Member of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec, his main responsibilities include technological development, technical resources and the development of new products. He is also a project coordinator and executive officer.

Serge Camiré

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