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Do you have difficulties with your installations, instability or inadequate performance?

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. Our vast experience will allow you to find effective solutions.  
Strategic planning
You have objectives to achieve and want to establish a budget, a schedule of due dates and know the steps to cross by to lead eventually your projects. We are there for you. We are able to help you sensibly in your technological orientations.
For all companies, training is an important investment. Different solutions are offered to you. Consultants Univers inc. proposes you a package of mesured solutions which match the reality of your company and your objectives. Let us know about needs and your constraints, we shall define the contents, the rhythm and the optimal training plan for your needs.
Programming allows you to explore and to optimize your basic applications. Again, we are distints in this domain. As member of the Autodesk Developer Network, our company is directly supported by Autodesk and offers you the state-of-the-art professional solutions.
The customization of the standards has a very simple objective: get optimized and normalized work methods. The up to date documentation and the reach of all. Our expertise in this domain is unique and shows evidence in the smalls, averages and big companies as well as in the governmenment.
Setup Optimisation
Make an equipment operational is a relatively simple job, however when the point is to get the maximum of its software, only specialists can help you. During our assistance, we are confronted with a diversity of equipments and related softwares. Even there, we can help you.
Competency and skills evaluation
Are You plan training or update you team members skills ? You would like to know the level of competence of your staff or a candidate? We are able to help you estimating them.
Do you have occasional needs of repair? Do you have questions concerning the various technical aspects of AutoCAD? We can assure you a very effective additional support.
Try out and you will see !

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