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Welcome to our web site

CAD-Novation is the third party software development division of Consultants Univers, Inc. , a corporation that benefits from great notoriety in the field of computer-aided drawing and drafting.

We, the founders of these entities, have been actively servicing the AutoCAD community since 1985 .

Recognized as leading experts individually and as a team, governement and all size organizations call upon us to implement and integrate their AutoCAD-based solutions.

To our credit, we have many prestigious accomplishements like the publication of several public textbooks , the development of software solutions such as MVPort and e-BOM, and numerous customer success stories.

We encourage you to browse through the information that will help you get to know us, the company and our products better. We are committed to update this site quickly and frequently, adding content and functionality such as tutorials for the software evaluation downloads. So please bookmark this page and come back soon!

The team at CAD-Novation





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