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PaperSpace / ModelSpace - the way it should have been!

Developed by the CAD-Novation team, MVPort is an AutoCAD (1) power add-on that dramatically simplifies the page setup process of drawings and drawing standardization.

With the revolutionary custom object - called the MVPort - the AutoCAD user can create ModelSpace Viewports that are dynamically linked to the PaperSpace layouts. This MVPort object is pro-reactive which means that users can move, resize and rotate objects directly in ModelSpace without worrying about the page layout - all changes are reflected in real time .


1. Available for AutoCAD R14 up to AutoCAD 2012.

1) Extremely intuitive.

2) Full support for AutoCAD 2000 and up, enhancements (multiple layouts,
irregular floating viewport, MDI, OPM).

3) Fully support 3D drawings.

4) Very smooth installation wizard.

5) Clear and complete documentation

6) Express tools included.

7) Numerous APIs provided, to let you customize and apply your own

1) So intuitive, it takes less than ten minutes to learn.

2) Reduces work time and eliminates interpretation or scaling errors.

3) Displays the print area of the paper space, in model space.

4) Provides information on the scale factor of the floating viewport, and
consequently can adjust the size of texts, hatches, and other graphic
information objects with great accuracy.

5) Makes adjustments to the size of the model space markings immediately
in the paper space or layout.

6) Monitors the page setup and print preview operations in real time.

MVPort also helps you to control and to modify quickly the size and the
angle of insertion of the text, quotations, and symbols of hachurage.
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