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The Need

With AutoCAD, CAD standards and criteria of presentation must be organized to reduce the time to publish drawings, insure their adequate interpretation and be
able to draw from it of the relevant piece of information.

The management of these standards is complex because they has to evolve according to needs, be credible, be easy to deploy, to comply with the constraints of the customers and does not either have to slow down the productivity if we want that there is a will to be taken care by the implied staff.

To reach these goals, a lot of effort can be required.

The Solution

MEP (Multiple Environment of Productivity) is a solution consisting of 2 parts: the "Administrator" side and the "User" side.

On the « Administrator » side, a friendly interface allows to define the parameters by the means of predefined models or of piece of information read from template drawings, without imposing any model. The standards can be also imported or exported to collaborate better with your customers and subcontractors.

On the « User » side, tools allow to consult the standards or to conform to it, most of the time in real time and without irritating. Numerous tools are provided to help with the configuration, the layout settings and other essential elements.

The Results
• Reduced the time required to define a CAD standards
• Facilitate the application of theses standards
• Reduced the time of integration of the new resources
• Reduced the task of supervision and validation
• Reduced the work of development and programming for the
implementation of standards
• Reduced the time of check of drawings
• Increase the efficiency of the resources allocated to the realization of drawings
• Facilitate the migrations of versions of AutoCAD
• Standardize the presentation of drawings
• Increase the global quality of the produced documents and facilitates
the edition

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